Technical problems

I don’t really know whats happening to me here but there is a major issue with uploading posts via phone. It appears that texts goes missing or sometimes even the entire post. I try to figure these problems out asap…

I really need to be able to upload via phone, otherwise I will not be able to do it regularly.

Being busy all day with exam preparations for uni (next week Tuesday, pls wish me luck) and a toddler, I couldn’t figure out these problems which have been going on for a few days now so far. I will try my best though… After Tuesday I will have far more time on my hands and this is the first thing that is going to be sorted! šŸ™‚



Photo Challenge #Day 32: Middelburg, NetherlandsĀ 

City hall in Middelburg
Middelburg is another city I tend to visit regularly on our vacations in Zeeland, the Netherlands. It is a beautiful town with a nice shopping street, where you find everything from cloths to decorations. I don’t know why, but somehow the people in the Netherlands have a completely different and own style. I love shopping there!
Besides the shops there are these old town buildings in Middelburg, like the city hall which you can see on the photograph. These attractions are surrounded by lots of cafes and restaurant where you can rest and enjoy the view. I love to sit in a cafe, enjoy the typical Chocomel (the dutch hot chocolate) and just watch people pass by in their busy city lifes.

Photo Challenge #Day 29: Oostkapelle, Netherlands

Woods behind the dunes
This is a very terrific change of scenery, I think. This picture was taken walking back from the beach to the car just behind the dunes.
You have the sandy beach and the wide open ocean from the North Sea on one side of the dunes. Then you walk over them and after a few meters tree start growing and the world changes into a green wonderland. You can still smell the ocean though. I always find these woods behind the dunes very magical and somewhat greener then others… Maybe it’s the mild climate and the clean air. Just beautiful and wild!!!

Photo Challenge #Day 28: Oostkapelle, Netherlands

Another one at the beach
Here is another one from the beach in Oostkapelle. There isn’t much to say since I already featured one picture before. But it was such a nice and perfect day: warm, sunny and cloudless, that I just had to share another one of the photos taken on that day.
I love beaches. The smell of the salty water, the sound of the waves coming and going and the sand between your toes. ā¤ļø
I wish I could go to the beach every single day, one day maybe… But for now, the next beach is 2,5 hours by car away.